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             Guinayangan Water District is a Government Owned & Controlled Corporation created under Presidential Decree 198 otherwise known as "The Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973". Water, being a basic need and pre-requisite to the orderly and well-balanced growth of urban areas is one of the rationales in the creation of the said decree. Absence of an effective local water utility is recognized as a deterrent to economic growth, a hazard to public health, and an irritant to the spirit and well-being of the citizenry.

             Fortunately for our beloved town of Guinayangan, we have the necessary resources, natural & human, to be given authority to operate a local water district. In 1987, the interim local public officials appointed after the EDSA Revolution decided to create the Guinayangan Water District and was successfully issued Conditional Certificate of Conformance by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). It became possible because of the significant assistance provided by the local government through its competent employees.

              Maulawin Watershed, Bahochoc Spring, San Pedro Springs and San Antonio Spring play an important role in the continuous operation of the district. More than 3,000 families along 25 barangays have been served by the district through these spring sources. The local government & various non-government organizations are always on the GO to protect, maintain and improve these water sources for the next generations to cherish.

                Presently, members of the governing body of Guinayangan Water District as well as its employees and other stakeholders are doing their best to meet its mission of "providing the residents of Guinayangan with quality water at reasonable cost 24 hours a day through the reliable service of qualified, satisfied, law-abiding and God-fearing public servants".




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