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The municipality of Guinayangan has a level III water supply system being managed by the Guinayangan Water District. The water system was originally constructed by the United States Public Health Services (USPHS) and the government in 1930. The water system utilized Maulawin Ibaba Spring, a water source serving Poblacion and Brgy. Calimpac. No improvement was done until 1975 when local authorities constructed additional intake boxes, and in 1979 a 300 cubic meter ground reservoir.

The Guinayangan Water District was created through the Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 87 59 passed on July 22, 1987. The same resolution effected the transfer of all existing water supply facilities to the jurisdiction of GWD. The Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) #303 to the GWD paving the formal creation of the water district on August 18, 1987. The first Board of Directors appointed by then municipal mayor Nestor M. Salumbides are as follows: Ruben R. Valencia, Prospero R. Molines, Antonio G. Moreno, Redempta M. Mercado and Efren C. Cortez. Engr. Manuel M. Butardo was appointed as the first General Manager of the district who was later elected as Municipal Mayor and Provincial Board Member of Quezon Province after his stint in the water district.

In 1993, LWUA granted GWD a loan amounting to P4M to rehabilitate the existing water system facilities. The project was completed in 1994. Another project was funded thru the Senatorial Initiative Fund of then senator, Hon. Wigberto E. Tanada amounting to P15 M for the construction of Bahochoc Water System, tapping Bahochoc Spring to the existing water system thru a 13 kilometer transmission line. The project was completed in 1996 that increased the number of served barangays from 4 to 15. Thru the internally generated funds and savings from various projects of the water district, the water service has further expanded to Brgy. Aloneros by constructing a separate system in this barangay. In 2005, the GWD was granted an P11 M loan by the Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau (KfW) for the construction of two (2) deep wells, two (2) pump stations and two (2) sets of brand new 50 KVA generator sets including transmission lines connecting the wells to the existing systems. It finally solved the insufficiency of water supplies during the dry months. Savings from these projects were use to further expand its service area to Brgy. Sisi, Salacan (Sitio Gaboc), and Capuluan Central. The water system was further expanded to Brgy. Cabong Norte in 2008 bringing the number of served barangays to twenty five (25) as of September 2009.

In 1991, Guinayangan Water District was awarded by the Philippine Association of Water Districts as The Most Outstanding Water District in Southern Tagalog Region. In 2005, the Local Water Utilities Administration awarded GWD as the Most Outstanding Water District in Luzon. And again, in 2007 the Philippine Association of Water Districts awarded GWD as one of the Top Performer Water Districts in the country.  The GWD was categorized as Category D Water District by the LWUA in year 2014 in accordance with Department of Budget and Management (DBM) guidelines on categorization and re-categorization of local water districts.  Sound financial management as well as appropriate project development and facilities improvement were successfully accomplished, hence these awards, during the administration of the second General Manager, Engr. Antonieto C. Pujalte, who served the GWD from 1996 to October 2015. 

In 2017, through the initiative of Hon. Congresswoman Angelina "Helen" Tan, construction, repair, rehabilitation and improvement of various infrastructure projects implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) under the Tourism Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure (TouWa) Program were granted to the Guinayangan Water District with total project cost amounting to Php 43.2 M.  Among the facilities that were constructed includes two (2) development of spring sources in Barangay Sta. Cruz; construction of one (1) deep well in Barangay Himbubulo Weste with 4m x 5m pump house housing the 60KVA standby generator set; construction of four (4) concrete ground water reservoirs with capacity of 150 cubic meters each located in Barangays Himbubulo Weste, Balinarin, Sintones and Sta. Cruz; and the installation of three (3) compact water filtration systems located in San Antonio Pump Station, Brgy. Balinarin and one near the Maulawin Spring Protected Landscape (MSPL).  The whole project was completed and turned-over to Guinayangan Water District on June 2019.

At present, the GWD service area covers 25 barangays in Guinayangan, Quezon.  As of December 2021, there are 3,132 active connections spread over the 18 zones of the District.  GWD is looking forward in the coming years with accomplishing its target of at least 3,300 total concessionaires and extending its service area to adjacent barangays thru infrastructure development, improvement of existing facilities and developing additional water sources to supply the demand of the growing population of the community.  The third appointed General Manager, EnP Carmelo Alejandro C. Pujalte, (August 2016 to present), aims to achieve the re-categorization of the District to Category C Water District by Year 2023.






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