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Toronto, Canada,  August 26, 2006

photos courtesy of Emmi Puesta


Edsel, Emmi, Gerson and Joseph

Emmi & Joy, Teteth, Manice & Gerson, Joseph, Manny & Jing,     Idios, Matty, Eden and Manding


Manny, Jing and Jermaine Go with Eden Vizcarra

Teteth, Matty, Manny, Enoni, Emmi, Manding


Ang lakas sa pulutan o!

Idios, Matty, Manice and Teteth


Hey Manice, don't be sad, the others will come soon.


Haaay, ang tagal naman maghain, gutom na kami!!!!


Chikka minutes.



Joseph, Joy, Matty, Eden, Idios

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