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Office of the Mayor

Hon. Maria Marieden M. Isaac is the 25th and the first female mayor of Guinayangan, Quezon. 

Born on the 1st day of December, 1974, she is the second among the six offsprings of Wilhelmino Mendoza Moreto and Emma Enciso Chitongco. Living a simple life, she chose to finish Education at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City, year 1995. She then started her teaching career at Dungawan Central Elementary School, and later on at Sta. Cruz Elementary School, and her last stint as a teacher was at Don Guillermo Eleazar Elementary School. 

On May 25, 2001 she got married to Cesar J. Isaac, III and they were blessed with two kids: Cesar IV and Jaden Czar. Her husband is an entrepreneur engaging in leasing properties, who subsequently ventured in politics. During his first attempt in this new field, he won the 8th spot as councilor. And on the next term, he was voted as the number one councilor, which propelled him eventually to become the Mayor of Guinayangan in 2013. 

Like any other teachers who are used to living a very simple life, she does not want to be involved in politics. However, when her husband won the mayoralty race, she has no choice but to support her husband as the First Lady of Guinayangan, Quezon. As such, she led several organizations, one of which is the well-known KALIPI, and got involved in activities like Zumba, or attending several occasions in behalf of the Mayor.  After the consecutive terms of her husband, she eventually left the teaching profession and joined the Local Government Unit on June 1, 2018. She served as the private secretary to the Mayor with the designation as Senior Administrative Assistant III. 

When the pandemic started last 2020, she has to personally look after the welfare of all her husband's constituents by providing rations coming from her personal accounts just to help augment the economic needs of all the local families. After some time, said endeavor inspired other Guinayanganins to support her advocacy. As a matter of fact, the kitchen pantry she started continues to serve in different barangays and sitios in the whole of Guinayangan.  The supplies are now provided by different groups and organizations here and abroad, and even several batches of school alumni association got themselves involved in this noble undertaking.

It was due to her good heart, sincerity and diligence that helped her establish the best relationship one can ever imagine among the barrio folks, which made her well-known in all the barangays.  As a result, during the election of May 2022, she convincingly won the mayoralty race. Being the wife of the former mayor, she promised to continue the advocacy of her husband, that is, wholeheartedly serving every citizen of Guinayangan. 

To keep her promises during the campaign period, she is implementing her program coined TEACHERS.

T stands for Tourism. She is actively promoting all the local tourist spots, as well as the restaurants on social media. In the Mangrove area, a gate was erected, and she also provided solar lights to make the area safe for tourists especially at night. A Pasalubong Center was also opened to showcase the different delicacies of Guinayangan, featuring the One Town, One Product (OTOP) - the Spanish sardines (bangus). The Tourism Information Assistance Center was also established to guide and give multi-media materials to all tourists coming from all walks of life.

E stands for Education. The LGU is providing school supplies to every school from Kindergarten to Senior High School.  She is also giving ₱2,000.00 for teachers during World Teachers' Day and scholarships to college students worth ₱500,000.00 to be divided by 200 students. She is also implementing the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to help students augment their financial expenses. In addition to the above-mentioned campaigns, the current administration is also planning to strengthen access to free and quality higher education by establishing a state university in this municipality in the near future.

A stands for Agriculture. There are some National Certificate (NC) programs where the recipients can use it to work abroad. The sector of agriculture is proliferating because of the bountiful harvests in the barangay. On top of these, the mayor also provides special capital fund and livelihood assistance to farmers with plenty of seedlings, tools, and cash.  There are also training programs to help the women in every Barangay.  Some groups are also helping the mayor to provide assistance to farmers, such as coffee and banana productions, and to counter the effect of climate change, like the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction (IIRR).

C stands for Community Empowerment and Women's Participation where it is supported by an NGO, like KALAHI, who provides programs focusing on environmental care, tree planting and health concerns, including having blood chemistry for women to ensure that they are in good condition. 

H stands for Health and Nutrition Program. There are several medical missions intended for free medical checkups, some minor operations, or even giving of wheelchairs or crutches to those in need. Along with these missions are the giving of vaccinations to children like anti-polio and anti-measles.

E stands for Environmental Protection and Preservation. It is mandatory that all government employees are planting trees during the anniversary of Civil Service Day and cleaning of the coastal areas in Metro Población.

R stands for Rural Development, Infrastructures, and Socialized Housing. The mayor is giving more allocations for road constructions, coming from the Municipal budget or NTA, with the support of the Vice-Mayor and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan.  This is a great help in easing the transportations for the farm harvests from the far-flung barangays to the town center.  Aside from the road constructions, water supply being a necessity especially during dry season, water ration is being done aside from the water tanks that were constructed in strategic areas. 

S stands for Social Services. The municipal government gives groceries to Senior Citizens who are not recipient of any pension. The mayor is also providing free coffins and a venue for putting up the wake mortuary which are all from the Isaac family's personal account and property.

Mayor Maden Isaac is working hard to serve all the people of Guinayangan, 24/7. Indeed, we can truly say that what she hopes and wants is nothing but the best for all her constituents.


 Mayor in Action




Hon. Maria Mariden M. Isaac III Municipal Mayor

(042) 788-0253














 Ynigo Moreto Private Secretary

(042) 788-0253

 Yolanda P. Regalado (MGDH) Human Resource Mgmt. Officer    
 Engr. Gloria C. Cleofe Mun. Planning & Devt. Coordinator    
 Darwin O. Laduan Acting Municipal Treasurer    
 Juvy J. Francia Acting Municipal Budget Officer    
 Christiane Babes De Luna Municipal Accountant    
 Edwin C. Narte Municipal Assessor    
 Angel T. Ardiente, Jr. M. D. Municipal Health Officer    
 Engr. Enrique J. Villanea Municipal Engineer    
 Gerardo B. Cleofe Municipal Social Welfare & Devt. Officer    
 Eloisa O. Perez Municipal Civil Registrar    
 William R. Lopez, Jr. Municipal Agriculturist    
 Organizational Structure
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