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Hi everybody. 

     Thank you for accessing www.guinayangan.com. We will be glad if you will sign up and give us your comments and suggestions regarding this website, about our beloved GUINAYANGAN, or about anything that comes into your mind. 

     To our fellow GUINAYANGANins, please let www.guinayangan.com be known to your friends and relatives and help us promote our website so that like you, they will also be updated and informed of what is GUINAYANGAN right now.  Thank you.

       You may also email us at this address: elopujalte@yahoo.com for your comments, suggestions and inquiries.

                                                                                                                  The Web Master

(If this sign-up button didn't connect properly to its link, please email your messages to elopujalte@yahoo.com)
From:  juanita2@pngusa.net

Mabuhay! Guinayangan

Juanita de Guzman Gutierrez
New York City School
New York, USA
From:  ejperey@shaw.ca

I used to live in Guinayangan, Quezon and graduated there till Grade 6 up to 2nd year high school then moved to manila.  But now I live with my husband here in Canada. My mom and sisters are here too.  I heard about your site from my sister who live in New York.  I have visited the site and it was really nice. Good job!  Very well done.  God bless you all and continue doing the good work.

Jovita de Guzman Gutierrez - Perey
Blessed Trinity Prayer Partner Healing Ministry
St. Edwards the Confessor Roman Catholic Church
836 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Tel./Fax (204) 774-5101
From:  cathyronald1992@yahoo.com

.... ang galing parang nasa 'pinas ako at sa home town pa..isang "click" lang parang nakauwi na ako.......ang lapit kahit nasa kabilang panig ako ng mundo...... 

parang gusto kumain ng hipon at alimasag........

mabuhay kayong lahat

Ronald Lopez
From:  chengrllma@yahoo.ca

... going home is just a click away.

thank you so much, this is great and job well done!

Cheng Ilagan - Ralloma
18 Langford Crescent
Red Deer Alberta T4R 2X1
From:  edbdelen2003@yahoo.com

.... i was surprised UPDATED na pala yong dating website.  Nalibang akong i-browse.  anyway, thanks sa paglalagay ng Guinayangan sa net, i'm proud to say na hindi na rin nahuhuli ang bayan ntin sa trend ng technology and communications...website na ang in ngayon.  sana more improvements pa ng bayan ang malagay sa site.

Ed B. Delen
United Arab Emirates
From:  monsie.marquez@zurichna.com

..... salamat, nakuha ko rin ang website.  Congratulations to all.  It's very nice to hear from all Guinayanganins, though I don't know most of them.  Enjoy, and have fun.....

Monsie Marquez
From:  carol_mrazek@telus.net

..... we are now just one click away in order to get connected to our hometown Guinayangan.  Isn't that wonderful?! 

Carol Pedregal Mrazek
Vancouver, Canada
From:  Lucyjhunt@yahoo.com

Taking the time to acknowledge the effort and the time you have put in to organize and make it accessible to all.  I am so thankful that after so many years, we are now experiencing the extravagance by just-one click- we are in our hometown.

"Bravo" this is so great and job well done!

Ever since I have been always proud of being a GUINAYANGANin.  I talk to people about our town and I am looking forward of being back there when I retire. I like to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the mountain that I just took for granted before. I like to be surrounded and mingle once again with my families, old friends, relatives and kababayans and to experience the prosperous "Town Fiesta Seafood Festival".  Our town is so rich of these products... we are so fortunate and blessed.  It is really a paradise. 

Lucy Beco Sanceda
Streamwood, Illinois, USA
From:  teresa.dionisio2004@gmail.com

..... there is a kind of feeling pag nakikita mo ang hometown mo nawawala ang homesickness mo. kahit pa umuuwi ako yearly. 

Hoping thru this website I can communicate with my old friends and classmates. I'm a product of Guinayangan Barangay High School now Guinayangan National High School.

Maria Teresa Dolot Dionisio
Dubai, UAE
From:  elmer_055@yahoo.com

Wow, nice website... buti na lang may website na tayo, kahit madalang ako umuwi dyan sa Guinayangan eh updated pa rin ako.. kapag wala kasi akong gingawa eh tinitingnan ko na lang itong website... More Power sa mga taga GUINAYANGAN...

Elmer C. Delen
from: Brgy. Dancalan Caimawan Guinayangan, Quezon
From:  jjjverg@bellsouth.net

.... I have visited our Guinayangan website and I think you should put pictures on those park. I'll be coming in June and I'll be bringing my digital camera. My daughters can help you add pictures to the website.  Say hello for me to everybody there in Guinayangan

Janet Jorvina Vergara
Florida, USA

From:  lamilton13@yahoo.com

Hello there!

Kumusta na kabayan. Napaka-ganda ng gising ko ngayong umaga kase ng buksan ko ang email ko ay may forwarded email ako na galing din sa isang kababayan natin informing me about the website. I am so excited to learn that we have our own website now. Congratulations!!!!!!! Please keep me informed and add my name on the contact list.  Kumusta na lang sa mahal kong mga kabayan! Kita na lang uli tayo diyan sa fiesta ni San Luis Gonzaga.

  Luzvi Arong Milton

 10907 Idlewild Rd. SW
 Lakewood, WA 98498
 Tel. (001) 253-581-0206 HM
                253-970-5680 CP
 Office:     253-588-1945
From:  ltobias@trebarinc.com

First of all, I congratulate you all for this nice project you started here, like putting up a website of our hometown, Guinayangan. I bumped into this website when I was trying to find old Tagalog words in the internet  and bingo, this website downloaded in my PC.

I am Loida Guerra Tobias. I used to study in Guinayangan Elementary School from 1968-1974.  I haven't had a chance to go back to my hometown since I left  Guinayangan when I was an Elementary Graduate.  I haven't studied in GA because my family migrated to Caloocan City since that time onward.

Further, I left the  Philippines 5 years ago and seek a greener pasture here in the USA. My parents are Alfonso Guerra(deceased) and Virginia Guerra. My older brothers  and older sisters were GA graduates. Their names are Laarni, Leah, Alfonso Jr., Willy, Arden, Melwida and Eunice.

I lived in Manila most of my growing years and I am like a prodigal daughter trying to find her roots back to her hometown. I still recollect  the names of my classmates.  I wonder if they are still in Guinayangan and I would love to correspond with them again if it is possible. Their names are Maricel Aguilar, Grenia Boneo, Edna Pimentel, Remedios David, Louie Buerano, Alex Duenas, Caroline Pedrigal, Arlene Moreno and some others that I forgot names already.

If there is somebody out there that might had known me by my name Loida Guerra, he or she is definitely my old classmate.  Please tell them to send their names and addresses to me(through your email, if that is alright) and I will definitely send them letters and in the long run, bond ties again with them all! Will it be okay to post this email to where ever is available to get it posted?  I would love to hear from my old friends! Hindi ko pa rin nalilimutan ang aking pinang-galingan. Ako pa rin po si Loida Guerra ang inyong iyaking ka-klase! I remember my Grade 2 teacher, Miss Desia Rowe and the Grade 3 teacher, Miss Caisido. My grade VI teacher is Miss Fernandez.


Loida G. Tobias

 Trebar Inc.
 4100 South Transport Street
 Boise Idaho USA 83705
From:  efeliciano@aic.com.ph

Great !!! thanks for the update.....

I'd like to thank you very much for that because you have given me that free trip back to my hometown and wow upgraded na sya ha at masarap na i-browse.

I'm very much happy lalo na nang makita ko ang picture ng aking elementary alma mater, before kc ayaw sya ma-enlarge pero ngayon wow ang linaw.  Also our church, I remember the time when I used to be a member of the choir.  Pwede mag-request ...please add some more pictures, anything that will reminisce past. You know nag-print pa ako ng picture ni Mayor Butardo and his wife because I'd like to show it to my brother who happens to be his classmate before in GA.

Edith Feliciano
Production Planning and Control
Lot 7A Greenfield Automotive Park
SEZ Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Tel No ;(63) (49) 541-15-40 to 45
Email : efeliciano@aic.com.ph

From:  mitzi.lomarquez@sbcglobal.net

.... gulat ko minsan nag-internet ako - may web site na pala ang guinay...keep it up--it is so nice to hear a lot of things going on there.

Joey Y. Lomarquez
LA, California, USA

From:  elvinp@sympatico.ca

.......Thanks for the website. Buti naman ginagawan mo ng website ang guinayangan.  It is good to update all kababayans here in abroad.

Bong Puesta

From:  epuesta@rogers.com

Finally, our hometown would be seen all over the world. Our children will see it often, and they would know more about our town. I hope one day, maglagay kayo ng photo or video clips ng mga events. Like our fiesta ng bayan at kung anu-ano pa. Good job guys. Keep up your good work.

Emmi Puesta

From:  john_xryz@yahoo.com

Hi to all GUINAYANGANINS!  Im really surprised of seeing the website of Guinayangan! Its great. I will do my best of informing my kababayan about this. Maganda ito. 15 years na nang umalis kami sa Guinayangan, malaki na talaga pinagbago!  Last time pumunta ako September this year, pero 2 days lang madalian. Di ko gaanong nasilayan ang ating bayan. Una kong pinuntahan ang simbahan, dumalaw kay San Luis Gonzaga. Matagal kz akong naging sakristan dun. Ewan kung natatandaan ako ng marami.  Tnx and i promise to open this web very often.   Congrats for this project!

Crisanto E. Avila
St. Aloysius Academy
Dasmarinas, Cavite



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