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       Take a look at what's been happening in the municipality of Guinayangan.  Just browse on this page and you will be informed and updated on things, persons, activities, programs, projects and others that are taking place within the municipality.

        We accept contributions.  Please e-mail us with your news/articles with accompanying pictures at this address:  elopujalte@yahoo.comHowever, only news/articles regarding GUINAYANGAN and its people, places, activities, etc. will be accepted. 

HELP!  Support the Rehabilitation of St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish Church.  Send your donations to Rev. Fr. Bong Zoleta, Catholic Rectory, Guinayangan, Quezon or to Mr. Perfecto Rufo, PPC President, Catholic Center, Guinayangan, Quezon or email at elopujalte@yahoo.com for more information

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    January 2008
                 -  Mga Nabago Sa Simbahan ng Guinayangan
                 -  Bagong Health Center Itinatayo
                 -  Ang Santa Claus Ng Guinayangan


    December 2005
                   - WORLD BANK Mission in Guinayangan
                   - MAYOR BUTARDO THANKS WORLD BANK for the development projects brought   
                         to Guinayangan, Quezon
    October 2005
                   - Municipal Employees Attends Various Training/Workshops
    September 2005
                   - Senator Biazon Provides Funding Assistance for Water Supply


    August 2004
                 -  LOGOFIND Team Validates Proposed Project
                 -  Senator Drilon Provides Funding Assistance to Guinayangan
                 -  Mayor Requests Funds from Senator Biazon
    July 2004                                                   
                 -  5-Man ARCDP Team Appraises Proposed Project


    September 2003
              -  10th Fourth Congressional District Meet Starts
    August 2003
              -  Quezon Day Celebration
              -  Dr. Rutchil C. Chito passed Physician Licensure Examination
              -  Singles for Christ Baptism
              -  Elementary School Teachers take Proficiency Examination


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