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Typhoon Milenyo - 132 - 160kph  

September 27-28, 2006  -   1:30am - 7:00 am

Photos courtesy of BRIAN, TUTS AND ELO PUJALTE




We didn't take pictures of what was left along the Ragay Gulf because nothing will come out of the pictures

since almost 90% of the houses built along the seashores in Brgy. Poblacion, Manggagawa, Calimpak and Manlayo were washed out  

by big waves caused by very strong winds, heavy downpour and the high tide.


By estimate, electricity will resume after a month (that's probably within the last week of October) due to numerous electrical posts and 

transformers that were destroyed by the Typhoon.  Back in the old days, generators became serviceable again to both

households and offices.  It's good that the telephone landline resumed operation the

following day after the typhoon while long distance and internet services were irregularly provided after 4 days.

SMART powered celphones get connected also after 4 days while the GLOBE subscribers had their

signals 6 days after the typhoon.  Of course, the cable TV operation is also suspended to the dismay of the

KAPAMILYA viewers since BITUING WALANG NINGNING is on its final week of showing (hehehe) and are also asking

who was eliminated in the recent expulsion night in Pinoy Dream Academy

or if the most coveted 2 Million Pesos has been won in Kris's Deal or No Deal.


fallen trees along the Teacher's Village

the once lush acacia tree became a giant 'bonsai'


the badly damaged Cerilla's residence along Roldan Avenue

a fishing boat was washed away at the corner of CM recto St.


nothing remained along Mrs. Bella Gracilla's neighborhood in Bucana

household appliances muddled up with debris


this is what was left on Mr. Ben Santiago's Ice retail store (iladuhan)

a fallen tree that obstructed vehicular traffic along the highway


the worn out Philippine Flag hoisted at the Water District

the gmelina tree that was uprooted and fell on 2 houses


a fallen electrical post in the neighborhood of the Lorbes's

the badly damaged terminal of AB Liner near the fishport area


the washed out walls of Beco's neighborhood near the shore

a man hanging on the powerless electrical cables


the roofless faculty room of the Guinayangan National High School

GNHS "uncovered" Covered Court


the damaged Building 12 of GNHS

the totally damaged seawall of GNHS


the roofless E-Type Building in Guinayangan Central School

 speed boat that was washed away to Tupas Store in the old market


the totally damaged Aguilar's bunk house in Marquez St.

the devastated church yard


the partly damaged Public Market Building

the roofless Bus Terminal

Send your pictures with appropriate details at elopujalte@yahoo.com

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