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Municipal Tourism Council

The Municipal Tourism Council was established through Executive Order No. 2002-03 to help, assist and secure the tourist industry in the municipality.  It is a coordinating council composed of 35 members from the government and private sector. They coordinate every tourism events and programs in the community. They formulate programs and recommendations to develop local tourism facilities and attraction tapping local resources and funds.  They are tasked to assist in the regulation and supervision of tourism-oriented establishments thereby ensuring wholesome and clean tourism activities.  Likewise, they assist in monitoring the implementation of the Local Government Code on the matter of licensing of tourism establishments in the locality in order to ascertain safe and enjoyable stay of the tourists and travelers.    

It is one of the priority projects of the Municipal Mayor in order to promote and develop the local tourism industry.  The composition of the 35-man Council is as follows:

Government Sector
           Hon. Manuel M. Butardo,  Municipal Mayor    Honorary Chairman
           Hon. Martiniano D. Caparros, SB Member    Honorary Member
           Engr. Russell C. Narte, MPDC   Honorary Member
           Mrs. Rosario R. Arella, Mun. Agrarian Reform Officer    Honorary Member
           Ms. Beatriz A. Obcemea, Municipal Agriculturist    Honorary Member
           Mr. Carlos Reyes, acting MLGOO    Honorary Member
           Hon. Harold D. Butardo, SB Member, PPSK President    Honorary Member
           Mrs. Juliet P. Narte, Forester, DENR Representative    Honorary Member
           Mr. Roberto D. Gajo, MAO, Acting Mun. Tourism Officer    Honorary Member

       Private Sector

          Mr. Cesar Isaac III, Owner, Jomari's Refreshment    President
          Mr. Pedro Purio, Jr., President, GBJODCA    Vice President
          Engr. Antonieto C. Pujalte, GWD Manager    Secretary
          Mr. William D. Chito, Operator, BARNEY Autolines    Treasurer
          Mrs. Bella V. Gracilla, Principal, Guinayangan Academy    Member
          Rev. Fr. Pancho Seco, Parish Priest, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish   Member
          Mr. Dionisio Cleope, NGO Representative    Member
          Mr. Romulo Español, Owner, Salacan Resort    Member
          Mr. Augusto L. Tupas, Owner, A&C Resort    Member
          Mrs. Resurreccion Perez, Owner, Perez Reception Hall    Member
          Mr. Conrado Remojo, President, PDJDOA    Member
          Mr. Mario Pedrezuela, President, PDCASLJDOA    Member 
          Mr. Jack Awa, President, GSODATRI   Member
          Mr. Edwin D. Chito, Operator, BARNEY Autolines    Member
          Mr. Luis R. Mandigma, Operator, AB Liner    Member
          Mrs. Maila T. Lalog, Owner, Dalampasigan Rest., Bar & Lodge    Member
          Mrs. Melanie N. Batibot, Owner, Bayside Bar & Restaurant    Member
          Ms. Leonisa T. Lampos, District Supervisor    Member
          Mrs. Delia rowy, HT III, GMM (Annex) Elem. School   Member
          Mr. Arnulfo U. Quisto, Jr., T I, DGGES (Manlayo) Elem. School   Member
          Ms. Carmelita Arena, Principal, Guinayangan Elem. School   Member
          Mrs. Yolanda C. Arena, Principal, Guinayangan Natl. High School     Member
          Hon. Edgardo E. Sales, Administrator, Guinay. Inst. of Technology   Member
          Sr. Emma R. Cameros, FMIJ, Principal SAGPS    Member
          Mr. Wilfredo Hernandez, Owner, Viva Marissa Gasoline Station   Member
          Dr. Angel T. Ardiente, Jr., Director, QUEZELCO    Member
          Mr. Avelino Santos, Owner, SANTELCOR   Member


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