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Municipality of Guinayangan, Quezon



                The Municipality of Guinayangan is a fast developing Municipality in the Province of Quezon. It is known as a  Seafoods Paradise. The primary source of income is agriculture-based and marine products. It is composed of fifty-four barangays and has a total land area of 22,800 hectares. Shoreline beaches, a coral reef and resorts in natural settings are the primary tourist attractions that the Municipality has to offer in addition to the usual hospitality and welcoming smiles of the people. The Maulawin Spring Protected Landscape is also a good place for various biological researches.

                   Guinayangan has a charm of its own. Despite its urbanization and development, it has managed to preserve its air of a countryside community that endears to many who seek the conveniences of modern day living with the ease and pleasant pace of life in the countryside. As the old folks have said, once you set foot in Guinayangan, you could not resist coming back.  All these and more as you browse on this website.

               Halika na sa Guinayangan!



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