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Business Opportunities

            There are many business opportunities in the municipality of Guinayangan at present.  The newly constructed Guinayangan Public Market has still available vacant stalls offering small to medium-scale businesses for those who plan to open fastfoods and wholesale and retail of commercial, miscellaneous goods, groceries, dry goods and wet products.  Likewise, the Municipal Fishport has still vacant spaces for those planning to engage in Fish dealership and “consignacion”. 

            Commercial banking and lending investments are still two of the topmost business opportunities in the municipality since only 2 rural banks are operating in Guinayangan Financial assistance through loan remains to be the better option of the people particularly in times of crisis and emergencies.

            Low-cost housing project is another business opportunity in Guinayangan.  This will particularly caters to the need of the middle class and working sectors of the community in response to the growing need to own a piece of land for their families and live in a decent shelter.

            Development and enhancement of agricultural productivity is becoming more acceptable to rural farmers nowadays.  The use of modern farm equipments and better farm inputs by the farmers are growing considerably in rural barangays particularly those with access to dependable farm-to-market roads and communal irrigation projects.  The opportunities in increasing their production is greater now that they learn to accept the use of these modern farm equipments and other farm inputs (organic and non-organic fertilizers, high-yielding seeds, pesticides) and let go of their traditional farming method.

            Aside from increasing their agricultural productivity, another potential business opportunity for farmers and fishermen in the municipality is through the operation of backyard piggery, poultry and fish culture on fishponds.  The demand for fish, meat and poultry products in the country is continuously getting higher thereby giving higher opportunities for the farmers and fishermen to engage on such businesses.

            Venturing to recreation, resorts operation and other related tourism-based businesses have also become good opportunities for investment in Guinayangan in the past several years.  Proofs of these are the continued and successful operations of existing resorts which keep on attracting guests and visitors from within and outside the municipality.




            The people need financial resources to cope up with the high cost of everyday living.  Presently, the country’s economy is down.  High costs of the basic needs of the people (food, shelter and clothing) continuously soar upward while the financial resources remain the same, at still and not increasing.  In addition to these, national government policies such as the expanded Value Added Tax (eVAT) and the Oil Deregulation Law that usually results to the higher cost of diesels and gasoline that further results to the higher transportation and production costs have put additional burdens to the low-income public.  Furthermore, the cost of construction materials keeps on increasing thereby only a few were able to provide themselves with a decent shelter.

            The higher cost today of the basic services (health care services, education, water utilities, electricity, transportation and communication, pre-need services) has likewise ascends considerably to the greatest detriment of the people.  One must really have to tighten his belt and practice wise spending to be able to have access and get a hold of these basic services.

             Similarly, the municipal government of Guinayangan is experiencing financial difficulty in financing its basic social services and infrastructure development.  The people in the far-flung rural barangays have continually been deprived of good and year-round accessible farm-to-market roads due to this financial incapacity.  Absence of these roads endangers the life of the people in times of emergency and causes agricultural products to be wasted and priced low.  Among the priority infrastructure projects of the municipality that need to be funded include the Construction and Rehabilitation of farm-to-market roads (Dungawan-Magallanes-San Lorenzo area, FTM roads in Cadig area), extension of the Municipal Fish Port, Construction of Cold Storage/Ice Plant, Construction of Post-Harvest and Irrigation Facilities, Socialized Housing Program, Construction of Wharf protection/Sea wall, the Rehabilitation of the Municipal Building and the Re-construction of the Municipal Health Center.

             The will to survive and the eagerness to provide themselves and their families with the basic needs and services in day-to-day existence keep the people focused in earning a living and have access to financial resources provided by financial institutions such as cooperatives and banks.




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