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Business Permits and Licensing

The business permit and licensing is one of the major tax collection functions of the Local Government Unit. The collection on business permits and licenses, being the primary source of the Municipality's income lay the benchmark from which the plans and programs is established. The tax computation is based on the gross annual income of a business entity and some other fees. A newly established business tax due computation is based on their capital outlay. They can choose from annual, semi-annual and quarterly payments of tax dues.

The Office of the Municipal Treasurer is about to computerize its business permit and licensing procedure thru the  BPLS System provided by the DOST-National Computer Center.  This is one of the many services provided by the NCC to the municipality of Guinayangan, Quezon for its being one of the pilot LGUs in jumpstarting Electronic Governance in Local Government Units in the country.


Procedures for securing Business Permit and License

  1. Go to the Office of the Municipal Treasurer and submit all the required documents which include the following:

    • Community Tax Certificate
    • Barangay Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Fire Inspection Report/Clearance
    • Health and Sanitary Permit
    • DTI Business Name Registration
    • Owner's SSS Membership Certificate

  2. Proceed to the business licensing section
    Please take note of the following:

    • Choose from the type of payments (Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly)
  3. Proceed to the local cashier for proper payment.

  4. Proceed to the BIR Section and secure documentary stamps.

  5. Present your business permit and licensing documents with the corresponding payments at the Office of the Municipal Mayor.

  6. Wait within two to four days for the release of your permit together with your business permit license plate number.

  7. Display on your establishment the issued Building Permit and License Plate Number.


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