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Public Market Rental

The Guinayangan Public Market is owned, operated and maintained by the Municipal Government. At present it is under the Office of the Economic Enterprise which is under the Office of the Municipal Mayor. The stallholders or Vendors only rent for the space they are occupying for a period of time indicated in the lease contract they signed. Rentals vary from size and location of the stalls. Income received from the rentals are used for the maintenance and improvements of the market as well as the annual amortization of the loan to MDFO-LOGOFIND who financed the construction of the public market. The designated public market administrator oversees the daily operations of the market. All vendors are bound by the set of rules and regulations set by the Municipality.  The municipal government is proposing for the transfer of some of the maintenance operations of the public market to the Guinayangan Public Market Vendors Association which includes among others the operation and maintenance of the comfort rooms. the public paging system, and the price monitoring display board.


  1. Check with the designated Market Administrator or the Municipal Treasurer for vacant stall in the market.

  2. Fill up the application form (P 50.00 filing fee) providing information on what kind of commodities to be sold for proper sectioning.  One can select on the following sections of the market:

             1.   FISH SECTION refers to the area where only fresh fish, clams, crabs, seaweeds                     and other sea foods and marine products are sold.

    1. MEAT SECTION refers to the area where all kinds of meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and other meat products are sold.
    1. DRIED FISH SECTION refers to the area where all kinds of processed/dried fish and other marine products are sold.
    1. DRY GOODS SECTION refers to the area where all kinds of textiles, ready made dresses and toiletries, footwears, kitchen wares, utensils and other household articles, plastics and leather products, school  and office supplies are sold .
    2. GROCERY/HANDICRAFT SECTION refers to the area where all kinds of bakery products, confectioneries , beverages/soft drinks, and the like, canned goods, eggs, sausages, starch, salt, soap and other household and food products including native products are sold.
    1. RICE/GRAIN SECTION  refers to the area where only rice and other grain cereals are sold.
    1. FRUITS AND VEGETABLE SECTION refers to the area where all kinds of fruits and vegetable including coconut and root crops are being sold.
    1. EATERY (COMMERCIAL) SECTION refers to the area where only all kinds of cooked/prepared food are sol . This includes refreshment parlors, cafeterias and kitchenette.
    1. VETERINARY & AGRICULTURAL SECTION refers to the area where poultry supply and other agricultural products and supplies are sold.
    1. GENERAL BUSINESS (COMMERCIAL) SECTION refers to the area where only drug stores, tailoring shops, barbers shops, electronic shops are located.
    2. MISCELLANEOUS SECTION refers to the area where any other business not classified herein above shall be allowed including firewood, charcoal and other minor facilities

   3.   Ask for the Certificate of Award of Stall.

   4.   Pay the 50% of the Stall Rights Fee at the Treasury Office.

   5.   Sign the Contract of Lease of Stall.

   6.   If an improvement will be done in the leased stall, ask for the Form for                    Request for Improvement.  Fill it up and process it for approval by the Municipal Mayor. 

   7.  Provide improvement to your leased stall, if any.

   8.  Pay 25% of the Stall Rights Fee.

   9.  Ask for the Certificate of Occupancy.

   10.   Start your business.

   11.   After the sixth month of operation of your business, apply and process the approval of your Business Permit and Licenses.



Stall Rights Fee is at the rate of P 2,000.00 per square meter payable in the following schedule

        a.   50% upon filing of application for lease of stall

        b.  25% upon occupancy

        c.  the remaining 25% will be paid in 6 equal monthly amortization.



Rental Fee of Stalls is payable daily at the rate of

             P 3.00/square meter/day for inside stalls

             P 3.50/square meter/day for outside stalls and stalls within the main alley

             P 3.25/square meter/day for outside stalls at the back of the market main building

             P 40.00/stall/day at the meat section

             P 20.00/stall/day at the fish section



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