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Police Assistance

Continuous campaign to maintain peace and order in the municipality are being intensified and sustained. The police officers try their best in ensuring that the people of Guinayangan live peacefully no matter how probable is the existence of emerging threats to the peace and prosperity of the municipality and its people as in any other places in the country. Lawless elements must not be allowed to roam the streets freely and an effective and efficient peace and order program in partnership with uniformed police must be implemented. Discipline on the streets and in the communities shall be encouraged with the cooperation of all the productive and responsible sectors of the society. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that the residents can productively work, enjoy the fruits of their labor and contentedly relax at home confident that there is peace, security and prosperity in their locality.

Police Precinct/Station

Anybody can visit or contact the Guinayangan Municipal Police Station for assistance anytime.  Office hour is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm everyday.  Likewise, Barangay Police Stations particularly in Metro Poblacion Area can be called for assistance.  

Police Station Municipal Building
    C.M. Recto Street, Brgy. Poblacion  
  Police Inspector Moreno Cerilla Batibot Acting Chief of Police  
  SPO3 Nestor Bongon Gonzales Intel & Inves PNCO  
  SPO2 Rolly Calimag Lumaban Sub & Wrnt PNCO/Desk Sgt  
  SPO1 Diosdoro Moradoz Marasigan Admin/HRDD PNCO  
  SPO1 Federico Hobilla Almonte Asst Traff/Patrol PNCO  
  SPO1 Manolo Dalida Hernando Traffic/Patrol PNCO  
  SPO1 Samson Rhodenies M. Ricafrente Chief Investigator  
  SPO1 Brenda Mercado Rodelas Finance PNCO/Desk Sgt  
  PO3 Eduardo Manonson Jundak Mbr, Traff/Patrol  
  PO3 Jeremias Aro Morados Jailer/Mpl Bldg Grd/Actg J/W  
  PO3 Ireneo Ramos Porta Jr. Jailer/Mpl Bldg Grd/Liaison PNCO  
  PO2 Christopher Intoy Aman Supply PNCO  
  PO2 Leonilo Digo Buenaobra Mbr, Traff/Patrol  
  PO2 Bella Epino Diona WCCD/FJGSS PNCO/Asst Inves  
  PO2 Romeo Laniog Villapando PCR PNCO  
  PO2 Lauro Toniza Glorioso Mbr, Traff/Patrol  
  PO1 Rodel de Castro Paloma Commo PNCO  
  PO1 Michel Perida Rodelas Investigator  


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